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Here is where you will find information and resources to help you during the film lab. Be sure to check this page regularly for the latest updates and info on the lab.  

Welcome Filmmakers

Orientation Meeting Replay



March 1st - Draft of Scripts Due


March - May – Lab Classes


April 2nd at 11:55pm PST – Final Script Due


April - May - Introduction to Mentors

June - Production - Post Production

June 16th - Rough Cut of Film  Due 11:55pm PST

June 25th- Movie Media Due 11:55pm PST

July 2nd - Movie Trailer Due 11:55pm PST

July 14th 11:55pm PST – Final Films Due

July 31st Summer Film Challenge Screening


Lab Classes & Workshops

06/01/21 5:00pm PST - Ask Anything with Landi Maduro

See below for details about the classes. 





All resources will be updated regularly

Meet The Mentors

Film Clapboard

Actors & Crew

Sound Board

Equipment & Software

Feel stuck or need feedback?

We are here for you. 

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Classes & Discussions

Ask Anything  with Landi Maduro 06/01/21 5:00pm PST 

We want to make sure your post production goes smoothly. If you missed any post production classes or workshops or you have questions about working with an editor, editing, choosing music or getting the look you want for your film, this Ask Anything segment is the perfect time to get those answers. We will also discuss sending your rough cut for mentor review and prepping for the upcoming screening in July.