It's our Anniversary

 November 13, 2020 

We are so excited to have you celebrate with us our second year of  supporting, uplifting and encouraging female filmmakers as they pursue careers in the entertainment industry.

Meet the Fall Film Challenge Filmmakers

Katia Belas


Mary can only continue surrounding herself with "friends" for a little longer until she finds out the toxic she has been swallowing for way too long.    

Celeste Sully

Naked: A Visual Poem

 A Love Letter to society. Under ​our camouflage of other people’s perceptions, lies our true Essence ​and​ our deeper calling.

Cynthia Garcia Williams


A fable as old as time, a young Orisha introduces her mortal boyfriend to her particular sisters.

Erica Jones Adams

Love U Mom

A grieving woman visits the beach, looking for answers and receives a message of hope from the most unlikely of places.