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As we move into 2021 we want to Spotlight like-minded organizations that are inspiring filmmakers to pursue their goals in film and television.

Caribeña Creatives (a boutique multi-cultural production studio of women creatives dedicated to amplifying Caribbean voices) 

This holiday season we are excited about teaming up with Caribeña Creatives for a IG holiday campaign called "Pass The Love".

Here is how the idea goes:

 1. Each member will hold up a paper cut out shaped into a heart and deliver a message (feel free to get creative and remember it's all about a message of Love)

2. Move cut out heart into the camera (covering the whole lens)

3. And the process will continue…

4. The last member will pull back a connected row of hearts, deliver their message, and cover the lens (this will be the founders so no need to worry about this last step).

If you would like to participate, please provide us with your videos no later than Dec 11th, so we have time to edit and post the campaign before everyone breaks for the holiday. 


Please send your video via wetransfer or Google drive link to: . If you have any questions, please send them over to that email as well.

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